Our History

It was 1987, when the opportunities and needs of the market, created a space for the birth of an individual company: "Rafael Pires Moreira", bringing a novelty to the market: the first electronic timer for billiards games . It was the CMM2000 model of the RPM brand.

In December 1993, a new company emerged: Contelec, LDA, which, inheriting the know-how, employees, partnerships and customers of "Rafael Pires Moreira" continued to innovate through its new physical and logical infrastructures.

In mid-1994, we introduced to the market, a new concept of electronic time counter for billiard games. It was the JP2002 model, from the RPM brand, which was totally controlled by a microcontroller and stored the sixteen billiard balls.

In 2004, we revolutionized the market by presenting a wide range of products that brought the concept of a fully computerized game room to reality, that is, through specific software "Contelec Live" installed on a computer, access is allowed in real time. direct to a network of billiard counters, recreational machines, billboards and lighting.

The year 2010 was taking place when the need arose to present an alternative to billboards, allowing to show the totals to be paid in a place away from the billiard time counter. Then came the "Contelec Live TV" solution.

In 2013 we decided to create a differentiating brand: "Play And Win", which would represent all equipment intended for online play. In the same year, the first table football with an online connection appeared, which allowed, among others, to carry out tournaments remotely

In 2016, our online dartboard machine appears, giving continuity to online games, this time dedicated to darts.

In early 2020, we released the second generation of the online dartboard machine, improving the design, features and portability, making it easier for operators who work with our equipment.

During the pandemic, the online home premium dartboard machine was released, dedicated to players who want to play arrows at home, and can play online with friends and strangers.

Today we are, with great pride, a portuguese company that bases its strategy on a completely indirect business model and only aimed at resellers. Based on a very solid base of global product quality, design, reliability and warranty, our company quickly becomes a reference for our partners and customers, always allowing an early response to the ever-increasing needs of users.

A team of employees with extensive professional experience is at your disposal every day, able to respond to all needs in this field, with the maximum objective of total satisfaction of our customers.

So far, we export directly or indirectly to the following countries: Angola, Algeria, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Venezuela.