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Online dartboard machine - Home Premium

The home premium model is an online dartboard machine, dedicated to the most contemporary players, who want to purchase a professional machine, allowing them to train at home and play remotely against remote opponents. The machine has an excellent quality of construction, and the entire front of the machine is acrylic, in order to always remain in excellent condition.

    Competition dartboard
    Up to 8 players simultaneously
    Play against remote opponents
    4 Languages
    Excellent build quality
    Measures: 80cm Width, 103cm Height, 18cm Depth

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Online dartboard machine

The model 2.0 of the Play And Win dartboard machine is more elegant, allows folding in half for easy transport and assembly and has an all-acrylic front to prevent damage by the darts.

    Up to 8 players simultaneously
    Local and online tournaments
    Up to 16 players in a local tournament created at the moment
    Play against remote opponents
    Laser distance marker
    RFID identification card
    4 Languages

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Pool Timer CT150:

In order to respond to the new needs imposed by computerized management of game rooms, it was necessary to create equipment that would provide a wide range of management tools. Continuing the family of meters developed and manufactured by CONTELEC since 1994, the CT150 meter is born, maintaining all the features already contemplated in previous models, as well as its reliability, and innovates with a new set of tools such as the possibility of interconnection to a network of equipment, existence of several daily tariffs, registration of amounts invoiced daily, among others.

In this way, the CT150 billiard time counter is seen on the market as a piece of equipment that is part of a new concept of game rooms oriented towards a more modern and efficient management and control policy. Keeping a classic and elegant design, the CT150 is now presented in several colors, adopting the aesthetics of the local environment.

    Electronic operation, controlled by microcontroller
    Five-digit display, "Price per Hour" and "Value to Pay" indicator
    Password for access to the schedule of tariffs and calendar
    Counting and visualization in case of power failure
    Alarm, in case of closing the drawer, without all the balls
    Internal real-time clock
    Record and display of accumulated total
    Real-time monitoring (Contelec Live software)
    Collection of periodic information via an external memory (i-Button)
    Possibility to reset the memory
    Specific configuration and maintenance software
    16 balls drawer
    Communication via RS485
    230V / AC @ 50Hz power supply
    Dimensions: 430 x 115 x 270 (measured in millimeters)

Autonomous Operation:

The operation in isolated mode is dedicated to bars that only have a billiard time counter and to comissioners. The autonomous operation limits the time counter in the perspective that it is not possible to cash up, control the billiard lights or carry out detailed consultations. The way of collecting information when in autonomous operation is through an external memory called "Ibutton". This memory can be configured in two modes: Erasing and Collection. If the Ibutton is configured for erasing, whenever it touches the ibutton to the pool timer, the memory will reset. If the Ibutton is configured for Collection, it will transfer information to the external memory, containing the total invoiced per day and the total invoiced per hourly period, as well as resetting the memory. In order to consult this information, you will have to download the data to the computer through the communications interface and install the "Contelec Remote" application on your computer.



The network mode is dedicated to those who want to manage the entire system through the computer, valuing comfort and quality. In this mode, it is possible to control the lights of the pool tables, manually or automatically when the billiard time counter starts and ends the count. This mode allows real-time monitoring, presenting the invoicing since the last cash up, it also allows to carry out consultations, allowing an easy, fast and accurate study of the schedule with less influx, being able to adjust the price per hour in order to maximize the profit. Since billiard time counters are not always close to the respective tables, the application "Contelec Live TV" was developed, which allows a television to be connected to the system, showing the totals to be paid at each table, as well as showing images , videos or television channels in half the screen.


Through a two-wire cable, it is possible to connect all billiard time counters, as well as all the billiard table light interfaces to the communications interface. To connect the communications interface to the computer, either an RS232 or USB cable is used. The connection between the computer and the TV depends on the computer's graphics card and the television, and can be via a VGA, HDMI or DVI cable.

Payment Module im150:

Dedicated to billiard comissioners, the payment module was specifically developed to connect to the CT150 billiard time counter.

This module is a complement to the billiard counter, serving as a storage safe for the coins related to the game of billiards. The objective of this module is to bring billiard collection closer to the collection of a recreational machine, in which the comissioner will only have to collect the coins from his safe.

After the customer closes the drawer of the billiard counter, the module will block the opening of the counter drawer until the value of the previous game is entered. If more coins are inserted, a credit will be left in the module which will be automatically discounted in the next game.

In case of ordering three or more units, the front sticker will be personalized with the name of the operating company, as well as its logo.

Communications Interface:

The communications interface is the device needed to communicate with the computer.

If the system is connected to a network, communication is carried out using a two-wire cable that will interconnect to all devices (billiard time counters and light interfaces);

If the billiard time counter is isolated, just download the information contained in the i-Button through the reader present in the communications interface;

Lighting Interface:

The lighting interface is responsible for controlling the lights on the pool table.

It is used when the system is in network mode and is controlled by the "Contelec Live" software. Each interface controls a billiard lamp.


This external memory, called i-Button, is used to erase the memory values of the CT150 billiard time counters or to transfer information from the respective counters to the computer, using the "Contelec Remote" software.