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Coin Module iM150

We released in April this new module that will change the way we look at billiard renting.

For more information, please visit our product seccion.


The new shotclock has been released in January

For more information, please visit our product seccion.

Contelec Live

"Contelec Live" is the program responsible for real-time monitoring, controlling pool timers as well as pool lighting. This software is also responsible for management, allowing cashing up, check subtotals, costs per hour, enable/disable free mode, etc.

The above image is a screenshot of the main page, showing the layout simplicity. The lower message and the picture "Saloon" can be personalised.




Contelec Live TV

The " Contelec Live TV" is a complement to "Contelec Live". Through a digital TV signal, it is possible to present information as useful as advertising, state of each billiard table and the amount to pay. Besides displaying this information, the software also allows a portion of the screen (left side) to view images, videos and online TV.

One very useful feature is its use in competitions. If tournament mode is enabled, the software will not display images, videos or online television but will provide the players names, picture and the result in each pool table.
It is possible to customize the lower message through a message table.

Note: This software isn't free. For more information please contact us.


Contelec Remote

The pool timer CT150 is equipped with an interface that lets you transfer all your information to an external memory with high security level, called "iButton". That information can be later transfered to a computer.
To transfer the information into the computer, it is needed the Communication Interface and have the "Contelec Remote" installed in the computer. Thus, it's possible to query through clients, dates and updates, showing the subtotals, number of played games, costs per hour, number of times the pool timer has been unplugged, etc





Maintnance CT150

This software is designed for testing and programming the pool timer CT150 hardware. It also allows checking internal records, ie subtotals, number of times the pool timer was turned off, number of played games, etc.