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Coin Module iM150

We released in April this new module that will change the way we look at billiard renting.

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The new shotclock has been released in January

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Coin Module iM150


Dedicated to billiad renting, this new module has been specifically developed to connect to the pool timer CT150.

This module is a complement to the pool timer, being able to store the coins in a safe box. This way we try to make the way of billiard renting more similar to videogames renting where you only have to collect the money in the safe box.

After the client closes the pool timer drawer with all balls, the module will block the opening of the drawer until someone inserts the coins related to the last game played. In case of inserting too much coins, the module will show that you have credits and will compensate automatically the next time the drawer is opened.

This interface was also developped to remotely control the balls circulation in some special billiards that have rails.

There is also the possibility to add an internal pack of battery plus charger to keep the kit working in case of lack of power supply.


In case of order three or more units, the front sticker will be personalized with the name of the operating company, as well as its logo.



Dedicated to Pool and Carom Billiard competitions, shotclock was developed to respond to the current competition needs.

Connected to 230V and operated by a remote control, the shotclock is a shot timer that allows to control 5 minutes per player for warming up as well as each shot time previously defined (between 35 and 60 seconds).

Besides the basic functionalities, this shotclock beeps in the final seconds of each count, accepts extra time and allows you to pause during the count.

Remote Control Operation:

  • 1ª Key: Start / Stop
  • 2ª Key: Resume / Pause
  • 3ª Key: Extra time/ Shot time program (after first boot)
  • 4ª Key: Warm-up (5min) - Start / Stop


Pool Timer CT150

In order to meet the new requirements imposed by a computerized management of a gambling hall, it was necessary to create some equipment which could allow a wide offer of management tools.
Keeping the previous pool timer architecture, the new pool timer CT150 was born, preserving the main features and reliability and including a new set of tools such as possibility to create a pool timer network, multiple prices per hour, subtotals registry, etc.

Thus, this pool timer is seen in the market as a device which belongs to a new concept of management oriented policy providing a more efficient and modern system. With an elegant and classic design, CT150 is now presented in several colors, adjusting itself to the local environment.


General Features:

  • Electronic operation controlled by microcontroller
  • Five-digit display for "Price per hour" and another five-digit display for "Amount to pay"
  • Password to program schedule and fares
  • In case of power failure, CT150 continues to operate if battery is inserted
  • Alarm sets off if drawer is closed without all balls
  • Possibility of having multiple prices per hour
  • Internal clock for precise information storage
  • Logging and possibility to display the total cumulative
  • Real time monitoring (with Contelec Live)
  • Periodic information transfer through external memory (i-Button)
  • Possibility to reset memory
  • Specific software for configuration and maintenance
  • Sixteen ball storage
  • RS485 communication
  • Power supply: 230V/AC@50Hz
  • Dimensions : 430 x 115 x 270 (milimeters)


Isolated Mode:


Isolated mode operation is suitable for places with only one pool timer. The autonomous operation limits the pool timer operations, not being able to perform some functions such as cashing-up, controling pool lights, detailed queries, etc.
The information gathering when in this mode is through an external memory called "i-Button". This memory can be configured in two ways: cleaning and collecting.
If the i-Button is configured for cleaning, everytime the memory touches the i-Button reader in the pool timer, the memory will be resetted. If the i-Button is configured to collect, everytime the memory touches the i-Button reader in the pool timer, information from the pool timer will be transfered to the external memory. This information contains important data such as sub-totals per day and per hours, power failures and number of playing games. After information transfer is done, the memory will be resetted. To store all information in the computer, it's necessary to download the i-Button data through the communication interface. The software needed for this operation is "Contelec Remote"


Network Mode:



>> User Manual download <<


The network mode is dedicated to those who want to manage the system via computer, enhancing the comfort and quality. In this mode, it's possible to control the lights from the pool tables, manually or automatically when the pool timer starts and finishes counting. This mode allows real time monitoring, presenting the subtotals since the last cash-up, allows queries which provides full information, offering an easy study about the most profitable daily periods.
Usually the pool-timers are not near the billiard table , so we developed the application
"Contelec Live TV" which allows connecting the system to a television, showing the amount to pay in each billiard table and presenting images, videos or online television channels.



Through a two-wire network, it's possible to interconnect all pool-timers and all billiard lights to the communications interface. To connect the communications interface to the computer, an USB or RS232 is needed.
The connection between the computer and the TV depends on the graphics card and the television. It maybe through a VGA, HDMI or DVI cable.


Communications Interface

The communications interface is the device needed to communicate between the pool timer and the computer. If the system is in network mode, a two-wire cable is needed to connect to all devices (pool-timers and billiard lights); if the pool timer is isolated, just transfer the iButton information to the computer though the iButton reader on the communications interface.


>>> Download Driver USB <<<


Lighting Interface


The lighting interface is the device responsible for controlling the billiiard lights. It should be used when the system is working on network mode and it is controlled by "Contelec Live" software. Each lighting interface controlls one billiard light.





This external memory, called i-Button should be used to transfer information from pool-timers to the computer when the pool-timer is isolated. Everytime it's connected to the pool-timer, it will clear the pool-timer memory. For security reasons, the first iButton memory configured to the pool-timer will be the only one which can transfer information and clear memory.