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Coin Module iM150

We released in April this new module that will change the way we look at billiard renting.

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The new shotclock has been released in January

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Within 1987, the market opportunities and needs provided an empty space for the creation of a new individual company - "Rafael Pires Moreira" - which brought to the market a device never seen before - an electronic pool timer. It was known as the CMM2000 model from RPM (Rafael Pires Moreira).

In December of 1993, a new company was born: Contelec, LDA - which kept the know-how, collaborators, partners, and clients of "Rafael Pires Moreira". With the recently acquired physical and logical infrastructures Contelec continued to inovate.

During 1994, we brought to the market a new concept of electronic ball timer. It was the JP2002 model, RPM brand, which was completely controlled by a microcontroller, and was capable of storing all the 16 pool balls.

In 2004 we revolutionized the market by presenting a vast set of products that turn the concept of a completely computer-controlled play room into reality. Installing specific software “Contelec Live” in a computer we made it possible to directly access a network of pool timers, videogames machines, advertising panels (LEDs), and lightning in real time.

Once the advertising panels were not quite affordable, there was the need to provide an alternative to show the amount to pay in each pool table on something that could be away from the pool timers. Then, in 2010, the solution "Contelec Live TV" came, allowing to show all information on a TV.

Nowadays we are proudly a national company that basis its business strategy in an entirely indirect trade model and exclusively directed to retailers. Established in a strong base of global quality of product, design, reliability, and warranty, our company easily becomes a reference to all our partners and clients, always allowing anticipated answers to the on growing costumers’ needs.

Daily we have a team of experienced workers able to answer and respond to all your needs within this field.

So far, we exported directly or indirectly to the following countries: Algerie, Angola, Belgium, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland e Venezuela.